Angkhang Nature Reserve, Thailand

Angkhang Nature Reserve is King Bhumibol’s inspired 1969 project to convert poppy fields into top quality vegetable and fruit gardens, as well as gorgeous flower gardens. One of many such projects, it creates permanent jobs for the local hill tribes.

Entry  Cottages  Cow Bell  Stone posts  Mountain

Amaryllis  Calla lily  Terrace  Orchids  Detail

Garden  Orchids  Orchids  Water  Lady Slipper

More orchids  Closeup  Spotted begonia  Lady slippers  Lady Slipper

Flower garden  022-flowers.jpg  Umbrellas  Bonsai Garden  Epiphytes

xerophytic   Xerophytic  Royal Garden  Royal Garden  030-80-garden.jpg

Cabbages  Cabbage  Strawberries  Strawberry  Strawberries

Swiss chard  Chard  038-king-garden.jpg  Royal Garden  040-lunch.jpg

Royal garden  Path  Desert  044-montree.jpg

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