Airport  New Airport  Fruit  View  Pool

Colors  Lotus Power  008-anotherview.jpg  Fruit  010-ferry.jpg

Long boat  012-authorslounge.jpg  013-authorslounge.jpg  014-authorslounge.jpg  Spirit House

Monks on ferry  Our long boat  Long boat  Wat Arun  River view

Long boats  Rambutans  Fish  Thai food  Eggs

Grand Palace Wall  Glimpse of Grand Palace  Entering Wat Phra Kaeo  Phra Mondop  030-detail.jpg

Ramakien Gallery  Mosaic work  Wat Phra Kaeo  Phra Wiharn Yod  Detail

Porcelain decoration  Elephants  Mythical creature  The Royal Pantheon  Yakshas

Golden Chedi  Roofs  Wat Phra Kaeo  044-phrasirattanachedi.jpg  Detail

closeup  Ramakien figures  Chedi  Prang  Prang detail

Apsonsi  Royal Patheon  Mosaics detail  More details  Roofs

Grounds of Grand Palace  Grounds of Palace  Monks  Canals  Houses on the canal

House  Souvenir seller  Long boats

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