Bay of Fires Trek, Tasmania

A gorgeous four-day trek along pristine beach in a wilderness area. No other people, great food, great group of new friends.

Pleasant Bay  Maps  Loo  Little Blue Lake   Little Blue Lake

006-drop-off.jpg  Color  Rocks  Lizard Rock  More Shapes

Color  Lunch cove  Dunes  Waves  Yellow

Red and orange  Gold  Strange rocks  Tents  Tents

020-tid-bits.jpg  Along the way  Afternoon  Cat   Marsupial Lawn

Kangaroo Tail  Grass trees  Beaded glasswort  Reflections  Along the way

Simon  Treasure  Reflections on the beach  More color  Rocks

Sentinals  Lunch spot  Hiking  Lighthouse  Lichen rocks

More rocks  Seaweed  View  Shells  Dazzling!

Reflections  Colorful beach  Camel humps  Green rocks  Incredible!

Shapes  Orange  051-coast.jpg  View  053-late.jpg

Lodge  Bay of Fires  Trail  Hyacinth orchid  Kayaking

Kayaks  Landscape  Resting  Returning Kayaks  Jelly fish eggs

Bay of Fires  Blues  Birds  Clouds  Waves

Clouds  Dune  Jelly fish  Dune  Patterns

Highlights  Reflection  Colors  Lodge  Storm

Lichen  Plants  Grey day  Pleasant Bay

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