Bud and Anita in the South Plaza US Open

Bud and Anita in the South Plaza US Open

NEW YORK –  An abrupt end to our US Open -

Bud had a small fall Sunday, suffering a complete rupture of his quad tendon.
After being cared for attentively by the medical team at the US Open, headed by Brian Hainline, it was determined that he needed surgery as soon as possible.
And so we headed back to Boston for that surgery, at the New England Baptist Hospital. We will miss being at the second week of the US Championships, the 57th Bud has covered.
While the US Open was being rained out, Bud’s team at the New England Baptist Hospital was taking great care of Bud. Dr. Sumon Nandi operated for more than two and a half hours on Bud’s ruptured quad tendon and now it is as good as new, or at least we hope it will be …..
They kept Bud 24 hours in the ICU for “observation.”  He is now back in a comfortable room and is looking forward to the HARD work , all that physical therapy lies ahead.
He will miss writing about the second week of the US Open and hopes the rains stop so some tennis can be played. He sends warm wishes and will be back with you soon.

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