Trek Day Two

Route: Santa Rosa to Choquequirao

Rising early we trekked along a rising zigzag trail to the hamlet of Marampata for a snack stop.  From there onwards, we saw the ruins of Choquequirao ever more clearly, especially the cascading terraces.  Our campground was a mile and a half from the ruins at 10,020′.

Waterfall  Trail  Zigzag  Carved  Octavio

View  Pink  Yellow / Blue  Lookout  Looking back to Marampata

Apurimac River  Yellow clumps  Pink  White grass  015-our-trail.jpg

Cactus  Choquequirao  Terraces  More terraces  Bromeliads

Bromeliads  Yellow  Overview  Mules  Pedro One

Bromeliad  Choquequirao  Choquequirao  Choquequirao  Another flower

Patterns  Near sunset

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