Melbourne, Australia

One of our favorite stops of the year, this year I took a balloon ride over the city at dawn with the full moon illuminating our way at the start.

Getting ready  Firing up  Filling up  Another  Lifting off

Anita  Full moon  Tennis Courts  CBC  010-downtown.jpg

Fitzroy Gardens  012-mcg.jpg  Silver River  Yarra River  015-st-patricks.jpg

Exhibition Center  Docklands  Melbourne University  Cemetery  Melbourne Gateway

Landing  Escaping Air  Wrapping up  024-stowed.jpg  Eureka Tower

More Bees  Closeup  028-closeup-eureka.jpg  View  2008 Summer

Sunset  032-ferris-wheel.jpg  033-beverly.jpg  Tiger Palpatja  Anthony

Rosewalls  037-sunset.jpg  038-sunset.jpg  Farewell lunch  040-scallops.jpg

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