Trek Day Four

Route: Choquequirao to Maizal

This was the hardest day of the trek in terms of physical challenge. First a hike out of the Choquequirao campground to the pass at 10,824′, followed by a descent of 5,592′ to the San Juan River where we had lunch. Then a steep trek up 3,500′ to our spectacular campground on the grounds of a family’s farm.  It was a trek of ten miles.

Lady slipper  002-climbing.jpg  Yellow  White  Indian Paint Brush

Another yellow  Interesting rock  Trail  Incan Site  Crops

View  Treat  Zigzags  Scenery  015-moss.jpg

Black butterfly  017-heading-up.jpg  Trail  Trail  More scenery

021-opposite.jpg  River  Higher  Landslide  025-maizal.jpg

Chopping wood  Dinner  Exploring  Kid

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